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About Us

We believe there are destination weddings, and then there are extraordinary destination weddings!

We pride ourselves in creating bespoke destination weddings in Croatia, catering for a limited number of couples from all over the world. Our 10 years of experience in destination wedding management and careful selection of vendors we represent, will ensure that your celebration is always associated with unforgettable times and happy memories.

While every wedding has a similar structure, we prefer working with no borders. Your wedding can be what you want it to be, regardless of its size.
We will focus on your wishes and create an event that truly reflects your vision, taking away the stress of unknown and hours and days that would go into research if you were to do it alone.
Luxury Wedding Destination Hvar Croatia

Luxury Wedding Destination Hvar Croatia

To make sure nothing is left to chance and that quality remains more important than quantity, we only offer full planning support, starting with an idea, ending with a real wedding day.
Tranquil Historical Courtyard Ceremony In Hvar

Tranquil Historical Courtyard Ceremony In Hvar

We love what we do and believe it shows plenty on happy faces of our clients and their guests. We’ll follow you to the castles, through olive fields, secluded beaches, ancient courtyards. However rustic or modern you want to go, Croatia has all of it. We know the places, the people, their goods and bads and we’ll guide you. We’re proficient with legal & religious paperwork and we’ll process it as smooth as possible on your behalf. Wherever you come from, lets mix the toasts and traditions, and celebrate together!

 Life always happens for a reason, we met you by chance and you will forever be in our lives. You enabled us to have the most spectacular week of our lives. Our wedding night was pure magic, no words can express our deep gratitude and thanks. You are truly “one of a kind”, so gifted and talented, you inspire us so much.

You are a friend we would walk on water for, we will always have your back. We hope to one day have you in either NY or Australia. We look forward to returning to Hvar next year and many more years to come.
Our motto for our week was “Life is simply better together”, how true is this!
Much love from new Mr + Mrs Stone!

Alex & Nick

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  1. 5 Star Weddings 11 months ago

    Visions of our magical wedding on Hvar dance in our minds and in the minds of our guests to this day. The memories of that special occasion are forever etched on our souls and continue to bring us smiles. We have you and your hard work to thank for that! From the morning preparations, to the bridal sale, a perfect ceremony and a spectacular fortress party under the stars, you made every transition seamless and professional. You brought our vision to life with thoughtfulness and attention to detail.
You exceeded every expectation and filled our day with beauty and flawlessness.

    You simply took our breath away and there are no words to express how impressed and thrilled we were. We sincerely appreciate your fantastic team, especially Zeljko and his gourmet catering. We also thank you for recommending a world class florist, a talented DJ, a proficient makeup and hair team, and incredible photographer and a phenomenal videography team. You are a master of your craft and will remain in our hearts forever!
    Robbie & Justyna

  2. 5 Star Weddings 11 months ago

    7th July will always be the most wonderful day in our lives and we would like to thank you with all our hearts that you made this dream come true. Only with your help, care, devotion, love of detail, accuracy, your happy nature, lots of patience and always a smile on your face, was it possible that everything worked out perfectly.
    We couldn’t have wished for a more perfect setting, venue, church, food, weather and had such a great time during our stay in the beautiful and breathtaking Hvar!
We will always cherish the memories of our wedding day for the rest of our lives!
    Nina & Dado

  3. 5 Star Weddings 11 months ago

    I have contacted several wedding planners before I decided to hire Anita. The main reason why I chose her was that she knows Hvar inside out and speaks the language. She has worked with all the suppliers for many years and knows how to deal with local people. She is well known in Hvar and people respect her. I can assure you, it was the best decision I have made during the whole planning! Anita instantly put us at ease and took the tension off. We flew to Hvar a couple months before the wedding to meet with Anita and to visit all the locations and do the food and wine tasting. This was great, it was very well organised by Anita and we fit everything into two days.
    I totally trusted Anita as I could see that she has everything under control and knew what she was talking about. She was very good at pointing out issues that might arise and making us aware of any potential risks if you want (eg. timing too tight etc). We could tell that she is very experienced and we always listened to her advice which paid out in the end! Anita is a very easy going person, we had a lot of fun together during the whole process including our wedding day! I can highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed!
    Yvonne & Radovan

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