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Mother of the Bride Dress by Nigel Rayment Boutique

When you are trying to find yourself an outfit for your daughter’s wedding, it can be a pretty nerve-racking experience. However, some suppliers will have a far better selection than others. For example, Nigel Rayment mother of the bride dresses are available in many different styles.

Here are a few helpful hints if you are still feeling a little apprehensive .

The Art of Blending:

This is a very fine balancing act. You don’t want to be the centre of attention, but you won’t want to fade into the background either! A rule of thumb is to choose the same colour dress as your daughter, except in a far lighter shade.


DO NOT Wear- – White! (ivory or ‘off-white’ are also ill-advised) -Black (it’s too sombre for a wedding)

Where to Get Ideas?

Everywhere and anywhere! Try looking at magazines, shop windows, clothing websites. And look to see what celebrities are wearing!

Room to move:

Never wear an outfit that’s too tight. It is going to be a long and special day so you will something that’s loose-fitting and comfortable.

See Nigel Rayment Boutique for more designs.

Mother of the Bride Dress Ideas