Organizing a Wedding Step by Step

If you are a couples that have decided to get married this year, then it is the time to do the first major moves and consider the aspects in organizing a wedding step by step. There are four major steps in every wedding, and if you wish to find out how to organize a wedding, you definitely need to find them out. 

Setting the Date

The most important thing is to set the wedding date.  Without setting the date of marriage, a couple cannot proceed to the next steps. Because weddings might be even more in the summer season and because many churches are among the popular, the wedding date should be set about 12 months ago. Consider, however, the serious economic and practical benefits that you can get, if you choose another season and a church for your wedding that will not put you in the awkward position to fight with other couples for your desired date! Weddings are equally beautiful in winter as well!

Decide on Your Guests

The second step is very important because on the number of guests depends whether you choose a large or a smaller church, how many invitations you print, and of course what capacity will the reception area need to have! Without the number of guests is like looking in the dark, so, as long as you have your date set, you need to start calculating now, so as to have some numbers in your hands, even if approximate. 

Find the Wedding Venue

The third step requires you to start looking for the wedding venue and the reception area. Obviously the two previous steps will play a decisive role on what venue you will need, its size and capacity, its style and of course the fees you will need to pay. Keep in mind that this is the first step that actually requires some money, therefore, you need to start being cautious regarding your step by step wedding planning, so as to stay within your budget, but also make your dream come true as well. It is your day after all.

Once you decide on what kind of venue you need, you can either start looking on your own, or consult with a wedding planner, who will be able to provide you a solid step by step wedding guide. In any case, do market research, look at the areas that interest you the most, check your options, schedule your appointments and start visiting the actual places to see close up the available venues and spaces and learn from the officials about them. 

Choose your Helpers

The next step requires you to appoint roles and responsibilities to those who will help you with the planning and organizing. Keep in mind that if you do not feel comfortable with some people, you actually should not be working with them on something as important as your wedding. Also, make sure that parents will not have extended roles in organizing your wedding, because this can lead to problems and conflicts. Do not work with more than 3 people on your wedding planning, to avoid misunderstandings and delays. 

Organizing a wedding is not an easy task, but if you are proactive enough you can easily get to your wedding day in a more relaxed and definitely more organized manner.  


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