Ideas for Original Weddings

The economic crisis has overturned many options and ideas we had in the past, and that was, thus, natural to have an impact on weddings as well. So some young couples started to “grow” on the thought of an original wedding, which would combine elements of surprise, and would also end up being less expensive compared to the traditional ones. Here are some original wedding ideas.

A great idea would be to organize a wedding at the beach, which could either be civil wedding, or a traditional religious wedding at a seaside chapel. It is preferable however to make a wedding  on the beach, with lighter clothes and close friends, so as to enjoy it more, both you and your family, as opposed to a faceless wedding venue which can be the exact opposite of cozy and warm. If you insist to perform religious marriage ceremony in a church and not a small chapel, then you can have your reception somewhere on the beach, in a restaurant by the sea or even on a beautiful beach bar. This is a great idea for a wedding during the summer months.

The beach wedding takes time and special preparation. Read the general rules, each destination has its own characteristics:

Start early. Weddings on the beach with few guests are more flexible and give you more options to sites. The less people you have, the best time you will have as well. Make sure that you choose the right music and maybe choose some original wedding entertainment as well as location. If finances permit you choose a beach hotel. If you have a small budget, choose a public beach, which is the best solution.

Time: At sunset. The scenery is beautiful and helps a lot in your wedding photos!

Weather: While the rains are scarce during the summer months nevertheless in recent years some heavy downpours have indeed occurred. Make sure you have an alternative, some indoor venue, but even if the unexpected happens have fun, you are also at the beach!!

Floor: For the ceremony on the beach. Usually the guests sit around or across from the couple barefoot on the sand. If there are older make sure to provide them with safety and comfort.

Chairs: It is necessary even if your guests want to stand up. You are obliged to provide some, in case someone cannot really stand for long.

Another great idea for an original wedding would be to organize an ecological wedding. An eco – friendly wedding takes less time. And this happens because most «items for ecological use are limited, which means you have fewer choices, and less hassle. Eco friendly weddings are not only original, but also give a beautiful message hoping to inspire more people. Keep in mind that in most cases you will be able to choose an original wedding dress made of ecological materials, and you will also be able to use wedding invitations made of recyclable materials. People today are more aware of environmental pollution and the need to save the planet. It is something that concerns us all, and with your wedding you can give a perfect example.

Check the Five Star Wedding Directory for additional ideas on original weddings!


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