Introducing The State of Grace’s “If Only” Salons

“I took a look at myself and thought “If Only…” “…If Only” I were a better cook, fitter, more confident, better with relationships, more competent, more efficient, happier

…my downside list went on ad infinitum not to mention ad nauseum.”

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The State Of Grace

Sound familiar? Have you ever wished that you could find an expert to help in each of these areas? And more?

Well, you need look no further because The State of Grace are introducing the launch of their free “If Only” Salons; a fun and delightful way to re-think any aspects of your life that may need attention. The Salons create a unique environment to provide gentle but effective answers so you can stop asking yourself “If Only” forever.

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The State Of Grace

Presented by renowned and qualified experts within their respective fields – the inspired and inspiring Karen Kennaby of ‘Around The Table With Karen’ and Peter Anderson.

A popular personal chef, food guru, party planner and foodie coach/mentor, Karen helps busy women to eat healthily and enjoy it. With a M.A. in ‘Leadership and Change’, Peter Anderson is a Transformational Coach, a master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) committed to changing your life and thought processes for the better.

Vintage Wedding Gowns

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The dynamic combination of these experts and their contrasting but complimentary energies, styles and talents, will ensure that you are ready to feel and look fabulous and have more energy than ever to really enjoy life!

A monthly programme of “If Only Salons” is going to be running throughout 2013 in The State of Grace Founder’s lovely apartment in Notting Hill.

Due to an overwhelmingly positive response, the very first salon in January is already fully booked! But email the team at The State of Grace at to receive more information on future Salons or let them know whatever else it is you want to stop saying…


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