The Perfect Gift For The Groom

The Perfect Gift For The Groom: With the return of retro fashion being styled by the likes of Don Draper in Mad Men set of 1960’s. A new company has combined this and linking it to the fact that having a coin on your wedding day is a sign of good luck and prosperity in the future.

The old wedding poem reflects this, Something borrowed, something new…and a silver sixpence in the shoe.

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The something borrowed reflects the continuation of the brides family in the wedding, something new reflecting the formation of the new union and the life ahead and the reference of the sixpence coin in the poem not only reflects wealth, but also health and happiness in the wedding.

The was sixpence minted in the UK from 1551 until 1968. The coins have been upcycled and inset into cufflinks so the they are available to wear from the groom, best man, fathers of the bride and groom.

If there was a romantic memory of time abroad, world coin cufflinks make cufflinks from 20 other countries including, the Spanish peseta, Italian lire, Portuguese escudo, Irish punt, french franc.

The sixpence cufflinks cost £44 and are available from All cufflinks come in a silver cufflinks box… this has to be the perfect gift for the groom…


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