The perfect wedding gift

The perfect wedding gift

The perfect wedding gift

Finding the perfect gift for the couple to be can be frantic at the best of times. Giving photo frames with pictures of the happy couple is a thoughtful idea however it’s hard to escape the mediocrity that go hand in hand with them. Recognising this dilemma has the perfect solution. They provide a wedding gift that is unbelievably unique and will be far more personal and creative than anything on their gift list. Framing their special word or a simple saying would be the ultimate wedding present and is so simple its only one click away. lets you create personalised art using their professional high quality photographs which capture letters from nature, architecture and everyday life. Using worldwide locations such as London, Venice, Paris, Bulgaria, Mexico and Australia, looks at the world from a new perspective bringing you letters from an artistic view that spell a memorable word or ‘ditto’.  Examples include a place where they first met, a couple’s last name or the location of where there getting married or honeymoon or pet names for each other.

Whatever the choice of word or name, they allow you to pick letters from professional quality photos and make a gift personal.  name frames are the perfect present for any newly wed couple. They are also a creative new way to add panache to their home and because they are taken in black and white, they are able to suit any style of décor.

Whatever the choice of word or name, all letters are professional quality photos and at only £119 each for the best selling frame, they are worth every penny.

You can create your frame online and play about with the different shots of each letter. Click on the link to see how easy it is to create your own frame.


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  1. Sarah 4 years ago

    What a stunning venue! And what amazing shoes…

  2. Lucy Smith 4 years ago

    I LOVE SLEEP ROLLERS! Best invention ever!

  3. Emma-Louise Wood 4 years ago

    Please could you email further pictures of your Wedding venues & packages.

  4. Maldives Surf Resort 5 years ago

    The Maldive Surf Resort is beautiful. I love the location and the sunsets are unreal !

  5. Abbie Ting 5 years ago

    What an amazing idea! Why didn't someone think of this before? Definitely investing in some of these – I don't care how unsexy I might look in bed lol.

  6. 5starweddings 5 years ago

    check out these stunning wedding dresses from the white gallery.

  7. This is one to try out.

  8. Rosena 5 years ago

    Loved working on this wedding – such great energy and happiness! Congratulations again to Niamh and Darren and well done to White Tea for these gorgeous pics!
    Rosena (

  9. jennifer 5 years ago

    Wow! Those place is really beautiful, how I wish I can visit these beautiful places…

  10. Bryan 5 years ago

    i had a bride last year who’s sister had designed and made her wedding shoes, it was a lovely touch and although most of the guests didn’t know it was special to those who did know.

  11. Bryan 5 years ago

    great idea, maybe i should recommend it to my couples

  12. Ethel 5 years ago

    When you do this, ensure that the dogs will be an addition to the wedding and not a distraction from you on your big day. If your dogs are aggressive or excessively shy, including them might not be a great idea

  13. Latoya 5 years ago

    Love them, I want a pair!

  14. Julie 5 years ago

    We got married at Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland last year. I can truly recommend it, there is something very special and magical about castles. We can not wait to go back to our anniversary!

  15. Wedding Photographer 5 years ago

    Stunning idea. Much better than all of the most popular stuff.

  16. Rob 5 years ago

    The Grand Hotel Eastbourne is pretty spectacular. If you can afford to stay there (prices are up to £450 per suite, per night) its certainly the nicest Eastbourne Hotel, and the only five star hotel in Eastbourne I believe and you are treated like royalty. Hitler ordered that it not be bombed as he wanted to stay there after the German bombing began.

  17. jennifer 5 years ago

    This ideas is truly amazing, we really need to consider some factor that will bring a huge happiness even for spending frugally…

  18. Steve 5 years ago

    Wow ..what a beautiful house.

  19. Gary 5 years ago

    I have visited the Luton Loo Hotel and it is magnificent. We had an overnight stay there once, as part of a corporate away day. Great rooms and wonderful surroundings.

  20. Relacionamento Milionário 5 years ago

     There are lots of nice place in Africa for adventures and animals that are endanger.

  21. ivan 5 years ago

    Drew Barrymore look stuning as always..congrats

  22. butlerbythesea 5 years ago

    Many thanks for sharing such a wonderful information with us thanks for suggesting 5 location in Italy… Italy is a best place for honeymoon many thanks for sharing.

  23. Maciej - PHOTOGRAPHER 5 years ago

    I Would make Amalfi Coast number one definitely. You can see a wedding I photographed in Ravello here:

  24. Wedding Gifts 5 years ago

    I’d agree, this is a very good idea. Especially considering finances are tight for everyone, let alone newlyweds!

  25. Judith Mallory 5 years ago

    I’ve just set up my account, it was really simple. Think it’s a great idea we are saving towards a honeymoon and will chose the destination depending on how much we get in our fund!

  26. Judith Mallory 5 years ago

    Great idea. I have just signed up for my list and it is easy to do. I am asking my guests to put money into my account instead of buying us a gift, makes sense when you already live together!

  27. Rich 5 years ago

    Good luck ladies.


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