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Sarah Rickwood is one of the Caribbean’s leading wedding planners.  5 Star Weddings finds out how she uses speed boats instead of cars to transport couples and how Simon Cowell might well be her next celebrity client!

Destination Wedding Planners

Destination Wedding Planners

5 Star Weddings: What unique aspects can couples experience during their wedding abroad?

Sarah Rickwood: The don’t have to worry about “the list” or the complications…they can escape to the island and enjoy a relaxing care free wedding, that has been planned by a professional. They are able to embrace a new culture and relax and have time for themselves. They can have a wedding that is unique, that surpasses expectations and wont be forgotten. Or simply a quiet wedding away from everyone.

5 Star Weddings: Tell us about the most elaborate Caribbean wedding you have ever organised.

Sarah Rickwood: The most elaborate was for 40 guests who travelled with us from the UK to Barbados. We organized everything from the first meeting we had with the bride to be and her mum with a specialized planner in the UK.  We worked on the project for 8 months with the client and it was amazing.
Bride and Groom stayed at top hotels The House and The Tamarind and the majority of the guests travelled first class on Virgin Atlantic.  The wedding party was chauffeured around in  limousines a whole week’s itinerary of events was prepared around the wedding, including golf days, catamaran cruises, private barbeques and cocktail parties.  The ceremony was held in the oldest church in Barbados followed by a cocktail receptionSarah…where each drink was named after a fish and mixed  especially at the bride’s request.  A champagne reception and dinner followed at Barbados’s number one restaurant (frequented by many a celebrity) , The Cliff.  Exquisite food was served in this dramatic venue whilst Barbados top acoustics band ‘Kite’ played the couple’s first dance. Finally, we organised for a surprise luxury speed boat to pull up to the beach and as sky lanterns were lit, the couple were taken away to enjoy the rest of their lives together.  It was renowned as one of the island’s most discerning weddings,  meeting every aspect of the couples original criteria for their dream day.

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Destination Wedding In the Caribbean

5 Star Weddings: Is a Caribbean wedding an option for those with slightly smaller budgets? If so what is on offer and for approximately how much?

Sarah Rickwood: Yes absolutely. Those with a smaller budget can have a simple but beautiful beach wedding or alternatively larger more extravagant budgets can buy you  the church wedding with a reception at The Cliff (see above). A service on the beach with the two of you can cost as little as £600 including your wedding licence, a bouquet, a cake, sparkling wine and a reverend to marry you. You just need a witness! and a good looking husband 😉

5 Star Weddings: How can brides in the UK organise a wedding with you?

Sarah Rickwood: Very simple email us on or phone 01252 783715 or we have a website with our partners tropical weddings for our Barbados weddings which you can browse. We can arrange to meet you and go over every aspect you require. We have an exceptional reputation and can organize every detail from your travel arrangements to the wedding and your honeymoon Just give us the ideas and we will make it reality. As our co-ordinators are so renowned in the Caribbean you’ll get the best of both worlds assurance in the UK and in the Caribbean.

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5 Star Weddings: Have you organised any celebrity weddings?

Sarah Rickwood: Not quite yet but Simon Cowell is on my list – I told him so at Xmas!  He did say we will see and smiled, you don’t get unless you ask! His Friend Paul Mckenna was with him and we did attempt to hypnotize him you never know 😉

5 Star Weddings: What’s the best bit about being a wedding planner?

Sarah Rickwood: You are planning someone’s most important day! It’s a day filled with happiness and joy and being a part of that, no matter how much hard work, is so incredibly rewarding… AND ALSO A LOT OF FUN seeing dreams become reality. The challenge of being given something new and different based on another’s imagination is good too. We have also had a lot couples come back for renewal of vows, so that’s nice as well.

Celebrity Wedding Planners

Luxury Weddings in the Carribean

5 Star Weddings: How long should brides give to organise a wedding with you?

Sarah Rickwood: Small weddings as short as two weeks, large weddings at least 3 months. But we can work with most time constraints as we have the contacts immediately.

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The Cliff

5 Star Weddings: What in your opinion makes a 5 Star Wedding?

Sarah Rickwood: Detailed Service! – imagination – understanding your clients needs – having fun and laughter with the client – reassurance and most of all Sun Sand and beautiful locations ………. .mix that with love and you have the right recipe for any 5 star wedding !

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