5 tips for finding your perfect wedding hat

Can’t find the perfect Hat? A Bespoke Vivien Sheriff hat will complete your outfit and make you feel fabulous on your special day.

A bespoke Vivien Sheriff hand made hat just doesn’t compare to a mass produced hat from china.  A Vivien Sheriff hat will be chosen to frame your face and fit you properly.  The trim on the hat will be made especially for you to make your outfit, and special details may be incorporated, such as crystals, pearls and feathers, to match your complete outfit, jewellery, handbag and shoes.  It may even be possible to use the same fabric as your outfit for this.A bespoke Vivien Sheriff hat is something you will wear again and again, and it will always make you feel great.

Top Tips for Finding Your Perfect Luxury Wedding Hat

1. Try on shapes and styles to find the one that suits you, you cannot choose from a photograph! It’s a complete myth that shorter ladies can’t wear big hats – an up sweeping hat can look equally fabulous on a shorter or taller lady.

Luxury Wedding Hats

50s Veil

2. Don’t choose anything too dark, choose a colour to sit your skin tone and hair, and think about your hairstyle on the day.

Wedding Millenery

Bon Street

3. Hats are always dressed to the right, so wear your hat at a angle over the right eyebrow.  If it is too big, have it fitted by an expert.

Designer Wedding Hats

Cara Circles

4. For weddings choose an upbrim (a brim that turns up at one side) rather than a downbrim, so your face can be seen in the photographs and you can greet and kiss your guests……

Bespoke Wedding Hats



5. Your hat should complete your ensemble and not dominate it –  Soft feathers and petals can echo a floral outfit whereas a sharp trim may be perfect with a tailored suit. Wear it with confidence, stand tall and SMILE!

Luxury Bespoke Wedding Hats


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Picadilly Swirl

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The Player

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